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Autism Spectrum Disorders Dedicated Classroom

Hanna Perkins’ EPIC Early Learning is for children ages 4-6 with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It’s a natural extension of our school’s focus on healthy emotional development by working with children to identify, understand, manage and communicate feelings.

EPIC – short for Exploring Potentials in Children – was developed in response to parents who have sought out the Hanna Perkins’ approach and an opportunity for close parental involvement, but also needed a classroom and educational approach tailored to the particular needs of children on the spectrum.

Our program is designed for high functioning children who are likely to eventually transition to a mainstream environment. But it provides less stimulation and more visual learning than other preschool classrooms, to support children in the early group interaction and socialization that can be a barrier for young learners in this category.

ClevelandClinicCforAutismHanna Perkins School is an autism scholarship provider through the Ohio Department of Education.

The Dedicated ASD Classroom involves collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Center for Autism.

boy with scissorsA child’s behaviors are expressions of feelings that need to be understood, respected and responded to in the most helpful way possible. This applies to all children regardless of limitations or differences in the way they communicate.

Often children on the spectrum show their feelings in dramatic ways that are confusing to those who don’t understand their language. In all Hanna Perkins programs, our specialists work closely with parents and teachers to help facilitate better understanding, and to support a child’s gradual ability to know, manage, and appropriately express his or her  feelings.  A child who gains this mastery over time will feel happier and more successful because of it.


  • Maximum class size of 6 children, ages 4-6
  • Five days/week, September through June
  • Monday-Thursday – 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; Friday – 9 a.m.-noon
  • Staffed with two teachers experienced in working with the ASD population
  • An Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) consultant providing up-front training and ongoing consultation
  • Two Hanna Perkins-trained child therapists available to meet weekly with parents and teachers
  • An environment designed to be less stimulating than a traditional preschool classroom
  • Increased emphasis on visual learning
  • Consultation and on-site services, as needed, of a Speech & Language Therapist
  • Classroom materials and techniques designed for the ASD population

Hanna Perkins is an Ohio Autism Scholarship Provider. For discussion about the suitability of the program for specific children, we’re happy to talk with you directly, and are glad to introduce you to our current Preschool, Kindergarten, and Parent/Toddler programs as well. Please click here to contact our Educational Director.

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Eat pizza, support Hanna Perkins

On Thursday, April 10, bring this flyer to the California Pizza Kitchen at Legacy Village and 20 percent of your check – for dine-in, take-out or catering – will be donated to support ongoing programming at Hanna Perkins.

Click the image for a printable copy of the flyer to take with you. 

Week of the Young Child

The Week of the Young Child™ is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The purpose of the Week of the Young Child is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet those needs. The 2014 Week of the Young Child is April 6–12.

Hanna Perkins is celebrating by joining with other local organizations that focus on young children to schedule a week full of free and family-friendly events.

Please join us in our celebration of the Week of the Young Child.

Event schedule and details: 

Saturday, April 5: Spotlight on our Stars benefit [More info]
Monday, April 7: Paralympic Experience with Youth Challenge [More info]
Tuesday, April 8: Learning Fun, Creativity & School Open House [More info]
Saturday, April 12: Volunteerism for Children, with Caring Cubs [More info]
Saturday, April 12: Suzuki Strings Concert, with The Music Settlement [More info


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The Hanna Perkins Difference

Parents know more than anyone else about their own child and are respected at Hanna Perkins Center as the child’s first and most influential teachers, advocates and supporters.

Because preschoolers are still navigating the often-bumpy transition from dependence to independence, the role of the parent within the preschool experience is essential. Parents are integrated into their child’s school life through regular meetings with a child development specialist. That means more resources and expertise are focused on your child’s success.

Regular dialogue between the parent(s), child development specialist and teacher helps the teacher to better understand the child – improving the individualized work toward the child’s academic, physical, social-emotional and creative education.  This dialogue also provides feedback that empowers parents to continue to support their child’s development at home.

Our child development specialists have advanced degrees, extensive training, and many years of experience – placing them in a separate category from parent-coaching practices that have begun to sprout at other schools and pediatric clinics. They meet with parents on a regular basis as part of the Hanna Perkins curriculum; and they make routine visits to the classroom to observe and facilitate communication and progress.

Child development specialists serve to connect parents with the child’s school life and – for those who request it – provide a learned ear and helping hand on day-to-day parenting issues. They can help parents to understand a child’s behavior by placing it in the appropriate developmental context. In this way, the parent is able to gain a deeper understanding of a child’s motivations and behavior, and is empowered to help the child in effectively dealing with their daily challenges. Regular meetings with the child development specialist also allow parents with busy working schedules to find time to focus and reflect on their child’s progress. All of this can help parents to be more confident in the decisions they make – about school and every other aspect of a child’s life.

As times change and extended families no longer live close together, many parents find that having someone to talk with about their child’s triumphs and struggles is a valuable resource.

This family-based approach is one of the important factors that distinguishes us from other preschool programs and allows classroom learning to have a true, long-lasting impact.