Clinic FAQs

Who will help me find a Therapist?
For an appointment or consultation, please call 216.991.4472. We’ll respond by the next business day, and are set up to help you see an appropriate person.

How do I pay for treatment?
The Hadden Clinic is an in-network provider with several insurance companies, including Medical Mutual of Ohio, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Aetna. Many families use their health insurance to pay for a portion of the fees. We also accept Medicaid reimbursement through CareSource.

We encourage parents to inquire directly with their insurance company about their policy’s mental health coverage. As part of the initial paperwork, Hanna Perkins Center will gather insurance information in order to verify what benefits are available for the services to be provided and to initiate the billing process. Please note that depending on the child’s diagnosis, there may be limits on the number of sessions per calendar year billable to insurance.

Hanna Perkins Center works to provide a Scholarship Assistance Program for parents who are not able to afford the standard fee for services. Depending on the availability of subsidy dollars, adjustments to the standard fees may be available, set in accordance with the family’s income and household size.

Who are the Hanna Perkins center therapists?
The people who work as child development specialists are from several academic backgrounds. These include physicians, psychologists, teachers, social workers, nurses, speech pathologists and any other background which includes training in work with children. They all have achieved the masters degree level or beyond. They are then required to complete our own child psychoanalytic training program here at Hanna Perkins Center. This program takes at least five years or more to achieve qualification. Only a dedication to the pleasures of participating in the care of children, and seeing them accomplish the skills needed for successful adulthood  guides them through this challenging task.