Foundation Support

Charitable foundations from across the region are providing increasing support for Hanna Perkins to broaden its reach – supporting healthy emotional development in more and more children and families throughout the community.

The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development is extremely grateful to these foundations, whose generosity helps us to provide the highest quality programs and services to the children, families and professionals we serve.

Here are some recent awards and how they’re being used:

  • Bicknell Fund

Formed for the purpose of promoting the well-being of mankind, the Bicknell Fund has awarded a grant to support continued development of a unique classroom program to identify and extinguish early bullying behaviors when they first emerge in children as young as 4.

The program has been piloted in area child-care centers, and works by helping young children to understand how they can express angry feelings in words rather than through mean and potentially harmful behaviors. The grant will allow continued testing and adaptation of the program to a wider range of schools and child-care centers.

  • Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation
  • The Abington Foundation

Dedicated to improving people’s lives through education, health care and the arts, the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation has awarded funding for care and upkeep of the historic building that serves as the base of operations for The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development.

The Abington Foundation, which supports organizations that promote education, health care, economic independence and cultural activities primarily in Cuyahoga County, has similarly provided a grant for restorative work required to maintain the historic and functional integrity of the Hanna Perkins’ facility.

Specific projects to be undertaken through these two grants include repair and maintenance of the building’s environmentally friendly geothermal heating and cooling system; and extensive masonry repair on the building’s exterior.

  • Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund

The Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund has awarded a grant to fund two years of the Apprentice Teacher Program at Hanna Perkins School. The apprentice program propagates Hanna Perkins’ unique approach to supporting emotional development in children by giving apprentice teachers up-close experience under the tutelage of Hanna Perkins’ own teaching staff as well as the Educational and Therapy Director(s) of the School.

These apprentice teachers go on to apply this approach throughout their own careers – influencing countless other teachers, parents and children in the process.

The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development is also thankful for ongoing support from these foundations and organizations:

  • The Abington Foundation
  • Association for Child Psychoanalysis
  • The Bicknell Fund
  • Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation
  • Cleveland Psychoanalytic Society Foundation
  • Cuyahoga County Starting Point
  • Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund
  • William O. and Gertrude Lewis Frohring Foundation
  • George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation
  • GlenMede Trust Company
  • Hershey Foundation
  • The Laub Foundation
  • Medical Mutual Foundation
  • The Meisel Family Foundation
  • David and Inez Myers Foundation
  • The Michael Pender Memorial Fund
  • The Perkins Charitable Foundation
  • Richman Brothers Foundation
  • Saint Lukes Foundation
  • The Thomas and Mildred Taylor Fund
  • Thompson Hine LLP

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