How Heinen’s shoppers can support Hanna Perkins

If you shop at Heinen’s and use its Preferred Card, you can help The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development and Hanna Perkins School to receive valuable donations that support us in providing valuable services to families throughout Northeast Ohio.

Through the grocery store’s Tasteful Rewards program, Preferred Card users can select a school to receive a donation form Heinen’s of 1% of whatever they buy during the school year (Sept – April).

If you already the Heinen’s Preferred Card, please help by visiting the store’s Tasteful Rewards page and clicking the link there to designate Hanna Perkins School as your ABC School Program recipient. If you don’t already have a card but want to join the program, click here to register.

Photo used with permission, courtesy of Eric Hanson/Hanson Photographic

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