Our People

ADMINISTRATION (The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development)

  • Karen Baer, BS, MS, MHA, CTBS: Chief Executive Officer          email | Bio
  • Kimberly Bell, Ph.D.: Clinical Director          email
  • Barbara U. Streeter, MS, LPCC: Educational Director / Faculty Chair          email | Bio
  • Pamela Millar: Associate Director of Community Engagement & School Programs          email | Bio
  • Beth Watson: Director of Development         email | Bio
  • Jeannine Lehman: Finance Director          email | Bio
  • Melinda Rembert: Information Systems Specialist          email
  • Jocelyn Benson: Office/Facility Manager          email
  • Bob Rosenbaum: Marketing Manager          email

TEACHERS (Hanna Perkins School)

Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Fatemeh Toossi          email | Bio
  • Noreen Acierno         email
  • Noelle Jones          email
Toddler Program
  • Elisabetta Superchi, Teacher/Therapist         email
  • Ellen Ross, Teacher
  • Marge Zerba, Teacher/Therapist         email
  • Ruth Hall, Program Consultant
Healthy Meals & Garden Program
  • Laura Cyrocki, Program Director         email

THERAPISTS (Hadden Clinic for Children & Families)

  • Devra Adelstein          email
  • Kim Bell          email
  • Jose A. Camerino, LISW-S, IMFT          email | Bio
  • Anita M. Eddie, MA, ATR, MSSA, LISW-S          email | Bio
  • Elizabeth Fleming          email
  • Beatrice Griffin, LISW, MSSA, BCD         email | Bio
  • Ruth L. Hall, M.A., Child Psychoanalyst          email | Bio
  • Alex Maryles          email
  • Kenna Mycek          email | Bio
  • Joanne Naegele, MA, LPCC          email | Bio
  • Deborah Paris, LISW, BCD          email
  • Carol Paull          email | Bio
  • Justin Perry          email
  • Judith Pitlick, MA, LPCC          email | Bio
  • Taryn Ponsky, MA, LPCC         email
  • Elisabetta Superchi, MA         email
  • Victoria Todd, LISW-S, Child & Adolescent Psychoanalyst           email | Bio
  • Carl J. Tuss, LISW, LPCC, LICDC         email | Bio
  • Marge Zerba, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Child & Adolescent Psychoanalyst         email

CANDIDATES (Course in Child/Adolescent Psychoanalysis – Clinical, Theoretical and Applied)

  • Alex Maryles, KeyBank Foundation Fellow
  • Taryn Ponsky, M.A., LPCC
  • Kenna Mycek

FACULTY (Course in Child/Adolescent Psychoanalysis – Clinical, Theoretical and Applied)

  • Devra Adelstein
  • Elisabeth Fleming
  • Beatrice Griffin
  • Ruth Hall
  • Joanne Naegele
  • Judith Pitlick
  • Arthur L. Rosenbaum
  • Barbara Streeter
  • Carl Tuss
  • Lorraine Weisman


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