Parent/Child Resource Center FAQs

Where is the Parent-Child Resource Center?

The Parent-Child Resource Center is located within the Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development at 19910 Malvern Rd. in Shaker Heights. The building is on the corner of Malvern and Falmouth between South Woodland and Shaker Blvd., just west of Warrensville Center Rd. and just south of Shaker in the old Malvern School Building. See Map.

Do I need to be a resident of Shaker Heights to utilize the services of the Center?

You do not need to reside in the city of Shaker Heights to participate in our drop-in hours or classes. The center is available to people from any community.

Is there a fee for drop-in hours?

Yes, there is a reasonable fee associated with drop-in hours. Passes can be purchased in advance or on the day you visit. Call for more information regarding fees.

Does the Center offer classes?

As well as offering drop-in times, the center provides a variety of classes. The classes serve ages spanning from infants through eight.

Can other adults beside parents attend drop-in sessions and classes with children?

Our drop-in sessions and classes are set up for adults to participate with children. Any adult in charge of a child or children may attend. Parents, grandparents, nannies and other caregivers are welcome to attend drop-in sessions and classes.

Is there an age limit for children attending drop-in hours?

There is no age limit for children attending our drop-in hours. The activities provided in the center serve a variety of ages from infants through eight.

Are there changing areas or changing tables available for children who are still in diapers?

There are changing tables in nearby areas of the building; we’ll be happy to direct you to them as needed.

Is the Center accessible to strollers?

The ramp leading into the side door of the building allows stroller access; however, you will need to inform someone in the Parent/Child Resource Center that you need the side door opened.  You can do this by quickly coming up the steps, peeking in and letting the director of the Center know of your need. Two other options are entering the main lobby and asking the receptionist to call ahead letting someone in the Center know of your need for stroller access or proceed up the ramp and once at the door, ring the buzzer located high up on the left side of the door.