Hanna Perkins School is a 5-day preschool and kindergarten for children ages 3-6. We also offer a parent/toddler program.

Kindergarten and preschool classes include lunch prepared each day in our on-site kitchen with organic and locally grown foods. (For class times, see the toddler, preschool and kindergarten pages.)

Founded in 1953, the Hanna Perkins School focuses on emotional intelligence  – the ability to understand, communicate and manage feelings. The program is built on respect for the child as a complete individual, and on a deep understanding of early childhood development. The individualized curriculum extends beyond academics to include physical, social, emotional and creative development.

Chartered by the State of Ohio, Hanna Perkins is housed in the award-winning restoration of the former Malvern Elementary School, in one of Shaker Heights’ beautiful residential neighborhoods. Amenities include:
  • Spacious classrooms with plentiful natural light
  • Full gym
  • Teaching garden
  • School and community playgrounds
  • Ample parking

The role of parents

Parents know more than anyone else about their own child, and are respected at Hanna Perkins as the child’s first and most influential teachers, advocates and supporters.

Because preschoolers are still navigating the often-bumpy transition from dependence to independence, the role of the parent within the preschool experience is essential. Parents are integrated into their child’s school life through a unique partnership with the teacher and a trained childhood development specialist (often referred to as a Family Helper). Regular dialogue among this team helps the teacher to better understand the child – improving the individualized work toward the child’s academic, physical, social-emotional and creative education. (For more information about this, see The Hanna Perkins Difference.)

Such abundant use of highly qualified resources assures that our students leave Hanna Perkins well prepared to thrive and excel in any receiving school they may enter.

Supported by current research, the Hanna Perkins model has been used to train educators and other professionals working with young children and families in schools and early childhood programs throughout Greater Cleveland. The school provides a nurturing environment to develop emotional intelligence, aiding in the important journey as pre-school children take steps from dependence to independence.

Hanna Perkins is the right choice for this important first step your child takes in his or her formal education, and toward leading a happy, healthy and productive lives.

“Strong social-emotional development underlies all later social, emotional, and academic success. Young children who develop strong early relationships with parents, family, caregivers, and teachers learn how to pay attention, cooperate, and get along with others. They are confident in their ability to explore and learn from the world around them.”

–      The National Academy of Sciences

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