Application Process: The admissions process includes a meeting with the Director of the School and an observation visit with your child. The School will want to hear all about your child’s strengths and needs, and his/her growing up experience, and develop a feel for the group that will best serve your child’s needs.

An Admissions Committee finalizes the admission to the school.  The provision of a Family Helper, arrangements for the fee agreement, and determination of a start date are facilitated in a follow-up meeting with the School Director.

It is recommended that parents meet with the Family Helper several times before starting their child in the school program.

Tuition: Tuition to attend Hanna Perkins School is in line with that of other leading private schools in the area.

Financial Aid: Financial aid is available based on economic need. Families interested in scholarship assistance are asked to complete an application at the School & Student Services website of the National Association of Independent Schools.

All financial ad information is kept strictly confidential.

The best way to experience our programs is by visiting. To schedule a tour, please click here to contact our Educational Director.