Taking Care of Our Emotions – So Kids Can Take Care of Theirs

A special guest discussion with noted children’s author Cornelia Spelman

How does all that we learned – and didn’t learn – affect our ability to teach our children?

Children’s author and therapist Cornelia Spelman will talk with parents and professionals on Saturday, Sept. 21, about the importance of understanding what we have learned about managing our own emotions so that we can help children deal effectively with theirs. The event is offered in cooperation with the Northern Ohio Clinical Social Work Society.

Spelman will be available after the talk to visit and sign books, including When I Feel Worried, the latest in her “The Way I Feel” series. A range of books from that series, as well as her acclaimed memoir Missing will be available for purchase at the event, through cooperation with Appletree Books of Cleveland Heights. (Spelman’s book series was the inspiration for the “I Feel” exhibit at the Cleveland Children’s Museum, which also opens Sept. 21.)

Anyone who misses the discussion is welcome to drop in for the book signing and to visit the open house being held at the same time at Hanna Perkins’ Reinberger Parent/Child Resource Center.

This discussion is eligible for CEU credits (see box at bottom); while it is free,  the accrediting organization may assess a fee upon filing for credits.

Taking Care of Our Emotions – So Kids Can Take Care of Theirs
Saturday, Sept. 21
         2-3:30 p.m.: Talk with parents and professionals
         3:30-4:30: Book signing, informal discussion and Reinberger Parent Child Resource Center open house
Location: The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development 
Cost: Free (Reservations are recommended for the discussion.)

Eventbrite - Taking Care of Our Emotions – So Kids Can Take Care of Theirs


About the speaker

Cornelia Maude Spelman, M.S.W., is a clinical social worker with experience as a therapist with children and families. A graduate of  Emerson College in Boston and Loyola School of Social Work, she is an award-winning author of 10 children’s books that focus on feelings and emotions; and of the memoir Missing, about the intergenerational effects of grief. Among her credentials, she also lists her personal learning as a mother and grandmother. Visit her website for more biographical information and more detail about her work.  

Spelman previews her program

Hanna Perkins Center focuses on the ability to “understand, communicate, and manage feelings.” All of us – teachers, parents, caregivers, grandparents, nurses, therapists and anyone who attends to the needs of children – are likely to agree that this ability is a cornerstone of mental health and also necessary for unimpeded learning and growth in all other areas.

But what attitudes toward emotion were handed down to us from our own parents? What emotions did they value, and what emotions were forbidden? What emotions did they express, and how did they express them? How does what we learned from our parents – our emotional legacy – continue to affect us today? And how does it affect our ability to teach our children?

This talk will explore our own learning about emotions; offer written exercises and discussion; and support participants in becoming more aware of the role their own childhood learning about emotions plays in their present life. It will empower attendees to decide if what they learned themselves is what they want to pass on to their children.

Before the talk, attendees are asked to identify (to themselves) an actual emotional heirloom that is of particular meaning to them, to think about the story behind it, and to consider its connection to their emotional learning.

Eventbrite - Taking Care of Our Emotions – So Kids Can Take Care of Theirs

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