The Hanna Perkins Difference

Parents know more than anyone else about their own child and are respected at Hanna Perkins Center as the child’s first and most influential teachers, advocates and supporters.

Because preschoolers are still navigating the often-bumpy transition from dependence to independence, the role of the parent within the preschool experience is essential. Parents are integrated into their child’s school life through regular meetings with a child development specialist. That means more resources and expertise are focused on your child’s success.

Regular dialogue between the parent(s), child development specialist and teacher helps the teacher to better understand the child – improving the individualized work toward the child’s academic, physical, social-emotional and creative education.  This dialogue also provides feedback that empowers parents to continue to support their child’s development at home.

Our child development specialists have advanced degrees, extensive training, and many years of experience – placing them in a separate category from parent-coaching practices that have begun to sprout at other schools and pediatric clinics. They meet with parents on a regular basis as part of the Hanna Perkins curriculum; and they make routine visits to the classroom to observe and facilitate communication and progress.

Child development specialists serve to connect parents with the child’s school life and – for those who request it – provide a learned ear and helping hand on day-to-day parenting issues. They can help parents to understand a child’s behavior by placing it in the appropriate developmental context. In this way, the parent is able to gain a deeper understanding of a child’s motivations and behavior, and is empowered to help the child in effectively dealing with their daily challenges. Regular meetings with the child development specialist also allow parents with busy working schedules to find time to focus and reflect on their child’s progress. All of this can help parents to be more confident in the decisions they make – about school and every other aspect of a child’s life.

As times change and extended families no longer live close together, many parents find that having someone to talk with about their child’s triumphs and struggles is a valuable resource.

This family-based approach is one of the important factors that distinguishes us from other preschool programs and allows classroom learning to have a true, long-lasting impact.

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