The HP Way

People who know Hanna Perkins describe an approach to helping children and families that is gentle and effective. Part of our culture since 1951, it is often referred to as The HP Way. It means:

We see each child as a complete person

We create a safe and comforting environment – based on the science of child development – in which each child’s inner thoughts and emotions can be recognized, understood and respected. 

We understand behavior as a form of communication

Through observation and dialogue we work with each child, along with the parents, to understand how emotions and concerns are connected to the way he or she feels, and expressed in the way he or she behaves.

We give voice to feelings and thoughts

We provide each child with the skills to recognize and express inner thoughts that initially may have been exhibited through his or her behavior. This provides a basis for emotional mastery that is a foundation for success in school and life.

We take time

We don’t rush the process. We allow whatever time is needed for a child to achieve this foundation of emotional intelligence, which helps in developing relationships, acquiring new skills and achieving self-fulfillment.

We provide help

We work with a child on an ongoing basis to gain mastery of feelings and worries – rather than trying to suppress them – to support fruitful development and a lifetime of emotional wellbeing.

We involve family

We support parents in the hard work they do by providing information, knowledge, understanding and empathy – in recognition that members of a family are all interdependent.

For some families, The HP Way provides a helpful resource. For others it’s a lifeline. At Hanna Perkins, it is the heartbeat of everything we do.