We involve family

The HP Way: We involve family

We support parents in the hard work they do by providing information, knowledge, understanding and empathy – in recognition that members of a family are all interdependent.

Nothing is more important to a child than his or her family. But children don’t come with a manual, and many parents experience periods of doubt: Am I doing a good job? Am I giving my child everything he or she needs?

The HP Way recognizes the central role of family in a child’s successful development, and seeks to support parents in the hard work they do. Rather than blame or judge, it offers empathy, communication, developmental expertise and more than 60 years experience working with children and families.

A teacher relays a story from the classroom:

Carl was a 5-year-old in preschool. The teachers at his previous school felt that he was not ready for kindergarten.

When Carl came to Hanna Perkins, he had few skills. His mom did everything for him. She hung up his coat, poured his juice, zipped his coat and put on his boots. He could not grip the pencil;  he would lay the pencil between his thumb and forefinger and move his whole hand along the paper. His mom would build for him in the block area and put the train set together for him.  

One day while she was hanging up her coat, Carl got the train set out and started to put it together himself.  This gave me the opportunity to talk to Mrs. H about letting Carl do things on his own.  I told her that I thought Carl would feel like a bigger boy if she let him do some things for himself.  

She told me that this was something that she was working on. She said that she had to sit on her hands so she would stop herself from doing so much for Carl.