We take time

The HP Way: We take time

We don’t rush the process. We allow whatever time is needed for a child to achieve this foundation of emotional intelligence, which helps in developing relationships, acquiring new skills and achieving self-fulfillment.

Working with children to develop awareness, mastery and ability to talk about their feelings is a time-consuming process that simply cannot be hurried. The HP Way  allows whatever time is needed to help a struggling child to understand and express inner thoughts.

If a child is crying, this means providing comfort, working to understand the feeling, and offering appropriate reassurance until he or she again feels safe and comfortable.

In everything we do at Hanna Perkins, we build in time for when a child needs this help – as they all occasionally do. Even if it means changing the day’s lesson plan.

Such patience is often at odds with the hurry-up world of today, but it is at the core of The HP Way.

A teacher relays a story from the classroom:

When a new child starts school, other children can have jealous feelings and begin behaving in a way that draws extra attention for themselves.

So before Richard was scheduled to arrive at school for the first time, we talked to the children about this and let them know we have enough liking feelings for everyone at our table and that no one will be left out.

But when Richard came into the classroom, Brad went to the waiting room and would not come back to class. Brad said he hated Richard. He threw his shoes at me, crawled behind a chair, and screamed and cried. He started to walk on the furniture.

I reminded him that I had enough liking feelings for all the children at my table. I told him it was just time to be in the classroom and that we could go in together.  I took his hand and we walked to the classroom. He saw Richard and asked, “What’s the kid’s name?” 

Brad worked hard to accept the new student, even if he had feelings of not wanting to do so, and they were soon able to get along as classmates.