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A twice-weekly, half-day summer camp experience for children 3-6 years

All About Me draws on a fun curriculum that includes Arts & Crafts; science; healthy cooking and related activities; music and literacy activities to build on your child’s self esteem and social/emotional development.

The program concludes with a final project in  which each child makes a book about him/herself to take home.

Parents/caregivers remain on the school grounds and participate in activities with their children. As children become comfortable on their own, parents are invited to use our comfortable lounge with free Wi-Fi access.

You may register for the entire 6-week program, or pay for week-to-week participation.

Program details
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, July 8 – Aug. 14, 2014
  • 9:30 a.m.-noon; snack included
  • Located in the Reinberger Parent/Child Resource Center 
  • Teachers: Noreen Acierno and Pam Millar
  • $100 for the full program; $20 per week

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You may also register by contacting Pam Millar by e-mail or call 216-991-4472.

Navigating the separation process

When children begin daycare, preschool or kindergarten, it may be the first time they’ve ever been separated from their mother or primary caregiver for an extended period. It may also be the first time they’ve had the challenge of functioning independently in a group of peers. This is stressful for children and can be difficult on parents as well, says Barbara Streeter, Educational Director at Hanna Perkins.

“The separation process is not about expecting a child to manage on his or her own in a strange environment with unfamiliar authority figures,” she says. “It entails making a transition from the parent-child relationship to being able – over time – to have a different kind of relationship with a teacher. It is also about learning to manage the feelings involved in this extended and typically bumpy process.”

The foundation for the development of self esteem, she adds, “is based on a child’s ability to bring his or her whole self to school – enjoying school even while keeping Mommy in mind and missing her.”
In addition to being a fun experience, All About Me recognizes the need for children and parents to move through this separation process at their own pace.

Streeter emphasizes that it takes longer than the six weeks of All About Me. But the program offers a valuable opportunity for younger children and their parents to participate in a group experience together, while slightly older children will be able to try doing new things on their own with the parent nearby.

More experienced children may enjoy discovering that they can manage in the program with minimal involvement of the parent. For others, it offers a healthy start, “so when the child begins school in the fall, he or she will be more prepared for the next experience.”


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