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Outside Voices

The great gift of being allowed to have feelings

By Austin Ratner

When I entered the Hanna Perkins preschool in the 1970s, I was more than a little afraid. I’m sure I clung to my mother as you might to a tree in a tsunami. My father had just died, and throughout my childhood a separation or an unfamiliar place would often stir up a tragic feeling.

The first thing I remember about Hanna Perkins is that I had no need to hide such feelings there. Like the big world into which I was taking my first small steps, the feelings themselves were very big, sometimes unpredictable, and “hard to manage,” as I recall some preschool teachers putting it. They understood feelings and honored them by acknowledging them, and by granting a child a little bit of sovereignty … [Read the rest]

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Cornell Road building, 1966
Cornell Road building, 1966

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