Sharing Meals

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Hanna Perkins Garden Cabbage ImageAt Hanna Perkins School, we have a long history of gathering at tables each day to share fresh and nutritious snacks and lunches. During these “family style” meals, children learn to pour their own beverages, serve themselves from a variety of choices, and practice passing and enjoying meals with other children and their teachers.

Currently, in an effort to introduce children to new foods and experiences, children are involved in preparing their own meals and sharing recipes. Like all aspects of the day, the snack and lunch times are managed and prepared with sensitivity to the developmental phase of the children in each classroom.

Our kitchen is used to prepare wholesome foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables and – whenever possible – locally produced and organic foods, including bread, butter and eggs. The kitchen provides tasty meals without the use of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial colors, hydrogenated oils and preservatives; and is moving toward a “farm to table” meal program, where produce may be grown near the school or even in the school garden. Such a program allows children to be involved in growing, harvesting and preparing their own seasonal meals.


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