Parenting past the pandemic

Our Toddler Socialization Play Group offers a way for parents and toddlers to get back on track after the isolation from the pandemic. 

It helps to:

  • Expose toddlers to peers and new adults in a safe and controlled manner
  • Provide new, developmentally appropriate activities, materials and songs 
  • Prepare young children for group activities and school experiences as the pandemic comes to an end
  • Mitigate the cumulative effects of the pandemic – making social interactions feel more normal and less dramatic

The group meets Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, May 18-26.

It’s followed by an online parent discussion group, led by a Hanna Perkins child therapist. The purpose of the parent discussion group is to answer questions, talk about child development at the time of the pandemic, and rediscover the feeling that “I am not alone in this”.

toddler socialization


Don’t wait until the last minute; the April session sold out.


  • 4 sessions in all, from 9:30-11:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • May 18, 19; and May 25, 26
  • Facilitated by Mrs. Ross, Hanna Perkins Teacher; and Mrs. Superchi, Child Therapist. Both are well-versed in toddler development
  • Parent discussion group via Zoom web conferencing, 8-9 p.m., Wednesday, May 26

Tuition: $200

Ages: Approximately 15 mos-3 years

Registration deadline: May 4, 2021

Contact: Education Director Noelle Marotta, 216-929-0194

At least five families are needed to hold this program. 

Teachers will review COVID-19 requirements with all attending families