What’s In a Word: Communicating With Young Children

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What’s In a Word: Communicating With Young Children In the Classroom

  • Aligns with Ohio SUTQ content standards in the Social Emotional domain
    • Empathy
    • Interactions with adults
    • Peer interactions and relationships
    • Self-regulation
  • 3 hours in 1 session
  • Instructor: Carol Paull

This training provides early learning professionals an opportunity to discuss the importance of howSUTQ standards we communicate with children in the classroom. It models interactions that are respectful, encouraging and support positive self-image. Content focuses on children’s self-regulation and conscience building.

Adaptation: Can be adapted to an in-depth 10-hour training

To schedule this course for your organization, or to find out when our next class will be held, contact our Community Collaborations and Professional Development office.