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Hanna Perkins School

State-chartered kindergarten, preschool, parent/toddler program and EPIC Early Learning for children with autism  Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Hadden Clinic for Children & Families

Mental health assessment, counseling and therapy from birth to 18, and for new moms struggling with postpartum depression.


For educators, social workers, therapists, child life advocates and other professionals who work with children on a day-to-day basis.


Tailored to the specific needs of individual schools and school systems, early learning programs, and other organizations that work with children and families.

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SUTQ Consultation for
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Black Lives Matter

At Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development, we recognize the social-emotional impact of systemic racism – beginning at the earliest age and resulting in lifelong barriers to health, well-being and success. We are committed to being an organization that provides an environment of respect and empathy as we help children and families work with the difficult emotions that arise from their own experiences. 

  • Hanna Perkins provided me with a parenting foundation that stands to this day. It fundamentally altered the trajectory of my children’s lives.

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