WKYC-TV3 ‘Mom Squad’ gets advice from Hanna Perkins

Hanna Perkins Clinical Director Kimberly Bell, Ph.D. was part of a panel discussion on March 6 in a “Mom Squad” segment with WKYC-TV3’s Maureen Kyle. The topic was how to deal with a young child who is having an emotional meltdown....

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Learning to apologize

Joel and Andrew, 4-year old friends, were playing with Lego when suddenly, Andrew howled, “I was just going to use that—it’s mine!” Joel had snatched one of the pieces Andrew had in his pile beside him. When Andrew protested, Joel knocked...

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Emotional Intelligence

The foundation for future learning is established between birth and age six. During this time, a child transitions from dependence to independence, and develops an emotional blueprint that informs every aspect of his or her life. Emotional intelligen...

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