Toilet Mastery

When are Children Ready for Toilet Mastery? When a child’s needs have been adequately met during his first year (fed when he is hungry, provided a regular sleep schedule, cleaned up when his diaper is dirty), he is then ready to take on more of thi...

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Please don’t scare the little ones at Halloween time

Every year, the month of October brings a crescendo of frights leading up to Halloween. They appear everywhere – on television, in stores, at parties and even early learning centers and schools. It’s all meant in fun, but for very young child...

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Jordan Javier always knew he’d give back to Hanna Perkins

Jordan Javier, Director of University Hospitals’ Rainbow Center for Women & Children, is the first member of the Hanna Perkins board of directors who was also a Hanna Perkins student. “But that’s not happenstance,” he says. “I always kn...

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