The great gift of being allowed to have feelings

When I entered the Hanna Perkins preschool in the 1970s, I was more than a little afraid. I’m sure I clung to my mother as you might to a tree in a tsunami. My father had just died, and throughout my childhood a separation or an unfamiliar place wo...

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The Colorado STEM school shooting: What your children need right now

Another school shooting has occurred, and for at least a little while, it be all over the news and social media. Except for the very youngest children, you won’t likely succeed in sheltering them from it. They will seek to understand what they...

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Hanna Perkins Grandmothers interviewed on WKYC-TV3

Maureen Kyle, reporter for WKYC-TV3, sits down with the Hanna Perkins Grandmothers, authors of Timeless Advice for Parents of Young Children, published by Hanna Perkins. Click the image below to see the report. For more information about the book, vi...

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