A strategy for talking with children so they’ll listen

The situation: Mrs. Parker called out to her preschool class, “It’s almost time to clean up and go outside to play.” It was a cold snowy day and the children needed to put on warm clothes. Laura looked up and said, “No, I’m not going.” Paul screamed, “I didn’t get my turn on the easel.” Rebecca ignored the direction, and two boys, Jason and Robbie, started running around the room chasing each other. Mrs. P raised her voice. “It’s time to finish what you are doing and put on...

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Creating a treasure hunt to learn positional words

One morning in the EPIC classroom, Richard, a child with autism, was working with pencil and paper at his desk. He began by drawing long, curvy lines, and then made an X in the corner of the paper. He asked “treasure?” before getting another piece of paper and repeating these actions. I realized Richard was asking for a treasure map, so I made him one. His job was to find the treasure chest and make a trail – using a corresponding color – to the ship. He enjoyed it for a short while, the...

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