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How the pandemic impacts school children of various developmental stages

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  • Understanding how the pandemic impacts school children of various developmental stages

School is an important arena within which a child encounters, and in optimal situations, masters, important developmental challenges. A familiarity with the dynamic aspects of these challenges can help parents and children navigate at this time when traditional school routines are so upended. Each stage of development is associated with particular dynamic challenges for the child and the parent:

The Preschool Child

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A homemade children’s book about the pandemic

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Even the youngest children have questions about the way life has changed during the pandemic.

Rique Sollisch – a longtime teacher, consultant and friend at Hanna Perkins – used one of the many available photo services to create this book for her granddaughter, and wanted to share the idea. Here’s what she wrote on her Facebook page:

I am posting the following to explain the video that appears below. I made it for our young granddaughter for whom these quarantined ...

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Talking with children about Coronavirus

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On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the Coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic. It’s likely to remain prominent in the news for weeks or months to come, and many adults are seeking advice for talking with children about Coronavirus.
Even young children can be surprisingly aware of things going on in the adult world, though their limited understanding can lead to big misperceptions and unspoken fears that can affect their behavior and social-emotional well-being.

The Association ...

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